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Authentication & Buyer Protection


Authentication & Buyer Protection:

Each piece (including all designer jewelry and bags) we offer for purchase come hand-vetted for Authenticity by members of my team, which may include: GIA Graduate Gemologists, jewelers, appraisers, authenticators and qualified industry experts (persons with extensive career history in the luxury jewelry or handbag business) and is guaranteed 100% authentic every time (see terms for Authenticity Guarantee below). 

We help clients verify the authenticity of items they purchased from our store, as a quality service. To verify the authenticity of your nearly acquired designer article, I advise clients to send the article in for service (e.g., for polishing, cleaning, an upgrade like a new clasp, or a repair) directly to the designer’s store. Each staff member or sales agent at the designer’s store is trained to authenticate items prior to allowing their team to service the item. This is a good way to check Authenticity as their staff member/ sales agent will deny service if the article is non-genuine. We will even help you set up service. So, feel free to contact me directly, Sabrina Marie, and we will coordinate with the designer and set up service for you.  We are here to help! This way, you know we have not de-frauded anybody and are here to earn your business and your friends and families business :) for life! 

Our Team:

We have some of the highest authentication standards available, and is why we have 5 Star Reviews on all our sites. Our team includes:

GIA Graduate Gemologists: our team includes 2 and all gemstones in your piece are reviewed per the designers standards and for clarity, cut and color, for authentication purposes

Authentication (Brand- geniuses) Staff: Each item is hand-vetted by our team of Brand-geniuses by doing serial number searches (yes there are ways- we have extensive partnerships), reviewing date codes, stamps, hallmarks and logos and overall design standards for each item, every time!

Jewelers & Appraisers: Test each piece of jewelry to ensure it meets the quality set forth by the designer by metal purity texts for each item, reviewing the specifications of each design, and reviewing authentication standards per our strict guidelines set forth by industry leading experts 

Store Owner’s Final Stamp of Approval: Each item is hand vetted by a gemologist, brand-genius and jeweler or appraiser and their records are submitted for final approval to me, Sabrina Marie, PrelovedTreasures Owner, and I either put our 110% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee (which we are giving you up to 10% more Back here!) behind it and it gets the seal of approval, and is guaranteed authentic for life, or not. 

Terms for Authenticity Guarantee- Our Promise and Your Rights:

Each piece comes with my 110% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee Certificate, which guarantees your piece is authentic, and if you can prove otherwise by providing proof from a reputable Authentication company (no non-industry specialists opinions are acceptable, also known as, your mom’s best friend who saw an ad about this designer on TV) or from the brand’s store staff member, that they have thoroughly reviewed the item and can provide proof that they doubt the items Authenticity, and you have our Money Back Authenticity Guarantee Certificate, we will refund you entirely 110% of the purchase price, including any shipping and tax paid.  

With our team of professionals hand-vetting each item, and our 110% Money Back Authenticity Guarantee, you can rest assured you are purchasing authentic -only and this way you will come back, and bring your family, friends and colleagues, and neighbors, etc., :) and buy more authentic-only preloved designer hand-vetted items for life, like most my clients do! 

 * We only sell authentic items and it’s proven time and time again! With our strict industry- leading authentication standards we have not had to refund any customers. Read our reviews to see!

You’ll see! Caio~ for now. 

Many thanks,

~ Sabrina Marie

Preloved Treasures, Store Owner/ Founder

Small Business Owner and Charitable Program Sponsor for Women’a Initiatives
My office cell( for calls or texts) is: (619)456-5731

God Bless!