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Authentication & Buyer Protection


Note: with our team of authenticators and with our authentication processes, we have a 100% Pass rate on all authentication reviews, Top Seller and Top Rated Seller Awards with Poshmark, 100% Pass Rate on all Authentication reviews through Mercari’s new luxury service, and 5 Stars on all our sites (Poshmark, eBay and Mercari, and this one) with over 1000+ transactions total! Many customers have taken their items for service at Cartier or CHANEL etc. and have come back to buy more authentic pieces! If you have any doubt in your mind about your items authenticity, we encourage you to take your piece to the manufacturers boutique for service. Our items are authentic and we back this with a written money back authenticity guarantee. We only sell authentic items and this is proven time and time again! So enjoy shopping only authenticated genuine designer items! 

Our Authentication Process: 

All our pieces and bags are thoroughly reviewed for authenticity prior to being listed by our in-house experts, including an appraiser, authenticator and a gemologist (if necessary) with a total combined experience of over 40 years of authentication, sales and repair services of high-end jewelry and handbags such as, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, CHANEL, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more, and are known as experts in the field. Each piece goes through a thorough review process, which includes: x-ray scanning, metal purity testing, diamond and gemstone analysis under a microscope by a trained gemologist, measurement, weight and design review comparisons to the manufacturer’s standards, signature and hallmark review for accuracy of marks and ensuring they are in alignment with the time period in which the piece or bag was purchased, serial number analysis through our co-jeweler with access to multiple serial number systems, and much more. In addition to this, we also check other features of the piece or bag which are our trademark secrets for authentication. As an example, our authentication reviews are so thorough, even the threading of the screws on the Cartier Love Bracelets are reviewed to make sure they are in line with genuine Cartier screws. We have 100% pass rates on all reviews and five stars on all sites for a reason! Also, it should be noted, that after our pieces have gone through this thorough review process, and then a customer has taken their piece of jewelry or handbag to the manufacturer for authenticity review in doubt, or had our item reviewed by any professional outside authentication company, our items have NEVER failed an authenticity review. Never, not even once because we are so thorough with our Authentication processes! Also, we have many testimonials of real customers who have done this to prove this and now we are their exclusive luxury designer connection for life! We only sell authentic designer items and we back this up in writing for your protection for life! 

Our Money BackAuthenticity Guarantee:

We guarantee in writing that each piece is genuine and not a knockoff, and if you have any doubts we encourage you to take the item to a trusted appraiser (not a friend) or to the designer’s boutique directly (e.g., Cartier) and have your piece serviced (cleaned or polished), and as part of the process they will review the item for authenticity, as they don’t service knockoffs. We do this all the time to double-check our standards and review processes for authentication, which are spot on. If for any reason an appraiser, or authenticator, or the designer themselves can verify they doubt the pieces authenticity, we will waive the restocking fee, refund you entirely, including shipping and tax paid (if any). This way you can rest assured you are getting a great value for your money and will come back and buy more original designer preloved items for life! 

Each item will come with our store’s Money Back Authenticity Guarantee in writing for you in your package! So rest assured, you are buying authentic, every time!