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Preloved Treasures began when the CEO and Founder, Ms. Sabrina Marie, was injured and had to take time off by leave from her work at a local non-profit major university. With her love for high-end fashion and always trying to dress her best, and with plenty of time on her hands and began perusing thrift stores, flea markets and local estate sales for fashion finds. This bargain hunting hobby turned into a national search and she developed many important relationships with auction houses, consignment shops, thrift stores and jewelry stores. Well after she started pursuing her passion for fashion she quickly realized that university work was no longer her passion anymore. Well fate had it, that when she was physically unable to return to her usual work and let go from the university, this hobby quickly turned into a dream job! It was a blessing in disguise! 

With her background in sales and her Bachelors in Business, she began to see international markets as the opportunity she could seize. So with a vision in mind of finding the best deals and building one of the greatest pre-owned luxury markets the world has yet to see, she began to venture out of her country and network internationally with jewelry stores and other estate sales and auction houses. She met many great people and companies along the way. Today these partnerships work together to bring you the treasures you enjoy! It's our passion! So, if you enjoy our products, please share it with us! Hearing from our customers is where the hard work pays off!

And always remember to search for your dreams, and when one door closes a more bountiful door will open, and don’t forget to seize it to the fullest!