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Shelter for Those Most in Need

Posted by Sabrina Marie on

Preloved Treasures pledges 50% its profits to Hope and Healing for America, a non-profit organization in the works (set to begin in 2021), that focuses on sheltering homeless women who have experienced significant trauma that includes, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking or other tragic experiences that destroy the human mind, body and soul. These women often times run into legal trouble, have been incarcerated, or have mental illness due to these tragic experiences. Preloved Treasures has a strong belief that as human beings, we are all created equal, and that with the right treatment and love anyone can heal and become a woman of dignity, grace and profit.

So with these beliefs, Hope and Healing for America, under Preloved Treasures, will provide for these needy women a safe and secure home, access to affordable healthcare with 100% of costs covered, treatment for addiction or substance abuse, mental health counseling and programs for those with medical disorders, free business/life skills classes in subjects like resume writing, how to apply to college/ financial aid, access to full ride scholarships to go to institutions of higher education, and pampering experiences including manicures, pedicures, massages, retreats and much more.

Facing a traumatic past is hard work, and these women will be rewarded every step of the way as they progress towards healing. With this model in mind, these women will have the experiences they deserve and need in order to heal completely; mind body and soul. Keep an eye out for future blogs/posts on how to stay involved and or donate your precious time and/or resources for these needy women and their families. One person at a time we can heal women and our societies persons in most need. Wont you join us?

Preloved Treasures ultimate goal is to allow God's love to shine on them through this non-profit! I look forward to seeing how you can help!

Message me for volunteer opportunities, how to donate, or for research on this treatment model and, or, ways to prevent/cure mental illness, substance abuse, suicide, homelessness and more. 

With love,

Sabrina Marie S.


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