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Women Helping Women

Posted by Sabrina Marie on

"It's time to give back," Says Sabrina Marie this Sunday, May 2, 2021 as she explains that she has wanted to start a Women Helping Women Initiative for some time, where at a minimum 1% of all sales plus all tips given on this website will go towards starting a non-profit where underserved women will be given housing, medical attention and tuition to go to a school of their choice, while learning about entrepreneurship opportunities. Sabrina's goal is to set women up for success in their careers, or to start companies, and to see how these women flourish. Sabrina believes that all women have beautiful gifts that can help inspire and change the world for the better. However, these gifts are often overlooked in society today, especially in our underserved communities around the world. Sabrina believes that by helping one woman at a time, we can lead a miraculous change to help protect and serve all women around the globe. This initiative is called Hope and Healing for America, and starting today (May 2, 2021), she will be donating 1% of all sales and all tips to this non-profit she is working on finalizing now. So shop away ladies, knowing that a portion of the profits are going to help your fellow sisters become strong, independent, and successful women around the globe. So, thank you for being a valuable support to this initiative and check back for regular updates on the progress you helped make. 



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